Our Process What to Expect

We use a two-phrase approach that involves a) Strategy and b) Execution

Planning Phase

Our usual first step is to create a comprehensive digital strategy plan for your brand.

Execution Phase

After accepting our plan, the next step is for someone to execute the plan. Our plan will be a roadmap your internal staff can follow, or you can have us implement the plan (do the actual work called for in the plan).

After you approve our digital plan, we can provide you with cost estimates for executing the parts of the plan your approved.

There are two types of cost you will encounter with us.

Costs that services (Google, Facebook, twitter and Bing) charge you and our consulting fees. Advertising cost varies by industry. Example: Ads in the mortgage industry cost much more than ads in the food industry.

The amount we charge is based on the types of work and services your brand requires and the hours required to execute your projects.