Digital Strategy Plans Be Effective

Our usual first step is to create a digital strategy plan for your brand. We review your current results in each digital channel, conduct an exhaustive analysis of your competitors, review your website, social media platforms and marketing campaigns.

We take all these channels into consideration when developing a digital plan for your brand.

Why a Digital Plan is important

Flying by the seat of your pants and "winging it" without a digital plan rarely works. Customers typically have contact through your brand via multiple channels. They consider your brand through multiple digital channels: search results, email newsletters, banner ads, social media and online reviews. They arrive at your site, do some research, then see what others are saying about your brand off site.

We take all these channels into consideration when developing a digital plan for your brand. It is important not to limit your decisions to any one channel. By looking at results from banner ads, you may think they do not work. When combining your banner ads with traffic from search results, you may see that consumers converted from searched for your brand two days after seeing your banner ad.

Focusing on any one channel at a time overlooks your consumer's journey when considering your product or service.

Our Strategy Plans Will Cover:

Part 1: Assessments of Each Channel:

We take a look your efforts in each of the following digital channels and show you areas for improvement.

  • Your PPC Advertising Efforts
  • Your Customer Database (CRM)
  • Your analytics capacity
  • Social media
  • CRM/email marketing efforts
  • eCommerce experience
  • Search engine results

Part 2: Competitive Analysis

We research what is "working" for your competitors and why. We tell you how your competitors are obtaining customers, where they obtain those sales and how you can beat their efforts.

What we require:

To begin a digital plan, we need read-only access to the following accounts:

  • Your Analytics account
  • Your advertising accounts (Adwords)

If you do not have these accounts, we will include setting up these accounts for you in our plan.

Implementation Phase

After accepting our plan, the next step is to implement the plan. The plan will be a roadmap you can follow with internal staff, or you can have us implement the plan (do the work required in the plan).

Once you approve our digital plan, we can provide you with cost estimates for the parts of the plan your approved.