Social Media Taking a Planned Approach

So, you hired a kid or intern to post a bunch of "stuff" on your Facebook page. That's great. But, if your company is like the many other companies who are finding that they cannot get a return on the investment of hours and money they commit to maintaining social media, we can help.

In the end, a Facebook page is like a fan club on steroids. We help you generate recurring sales from your fans and implement our special program for microtargeting consumers.

Social Media Advertising

Ads on Facebook, such as this ad from Brawny towels offer brands a chance to generate sales from their Facebook fanbase. We work with your company to narrowly target Facebook users to make ad campaigns show a positive ROI.

Brawny Ad

Whenever you succeed in getting a Facebook Fan or Twitter follower to visit your company's website, you have a unique opportunity to build on your analytics on that consumer. With this campaign, Brawny was driving Facebook users to a coupon download page that captured their email address.

Editorial Planning

To get the most interaction from your Fanbase and followers, we use your existing analytics data and data from your competitors to develop an editorial plan. Your social media manager will have a plan and "idea file" which he or she can follow to get the most interactions and ROI from your social media investment.