Web Analytics More Knowledge About Consumers

You likely have analytics installed on your website and are able to see a bunch of numbers on the quantity of consumers who visited your site. Perhaps you wonder what value all this data offers your brand? What portions of everyone who visits your site are good prospects, what are those good prospects doing on your site and why are they leaving without buying?

What portions of everyone who visits your site are good prospects, what are those good prospects doing on your site and why are they leaving without buying?

You can only analyze data that is collected. We work with your staff to plan and correctly implement advanced analytics that is aligned to your marketing goals and is able to show senior-level brand managers the reports and dashboards they need to make quality decisions. With our analytics planning, brand managers are confident they know "what's working."

Basic Installs Limit Your Decisions

A basic installation is when your designer or developer copies the basic tracking code from the Google Analytics and pastes it on your web pages. The process takes three minutes. We call this a basic installation.. You may think a basic installation is adequate for your needs. No need to spend extra money to go to the next level, right?

In some cases, using a basic tracking can make some efforts seem like failures. With a basic analytics installation, you are able to tell how many people in bulk visited a page, but brands are not able to learn what a consumer is actually doing on a page. Whenever your website uses a button, function or long-form content, (such as articles, product documentation or FAQs), you should use special tracking.


  • A consumer may use your where to buy / store locator function. A basic installation will only tell you that a consumer spent a lot of time on a page. Custom tracking can tell your local sales people and store managers which products, colors, flavors are being searched for in their area. A consumer who conducted seven searches is a pretty engaged consumer and should be targeted more than a consumer who arrived at the site, and left after a few seconds.
  • Using a basic installation can make long-form content on your site seem like a fail. Perhaps consumers are spending eight minutes reading an article on your site and then leaves. Clearly, we can agree a consumer spending eight minutes reading a single article is truly engaged. However, a basic analytics installation can show this to be a fail by recording that consumer's visit as a bounce. We work with your website manager to install to be able to show reports that justify your content marketing programs and funding.
  • If a link appears in multiple spots on the same page, a basic installation prevents you from knowing whether a consumer clicked a link in a navigation bar or clicked the same link lower on a page, such as in a paragraph of text. It is also not possible to know the effects of changes in color or design. Perhaps the consumer scrolled down the page, spent time reading an explanation listed on the page and click on the "read more" option under the text. Differentiating links on the same page allows you to know if consumers are reading your website text or not.

One-Time Assessments

We access your analytics account, review past data and identify factors that should be tracked. We compare your website's features and functions with what is captured into your account. Then, we recommend additional installations that will assure all these variables are being captured into your account

We make sure your ad campaigns are talking properly with your analytics account. Many brands receive reports from their vendors. However, reporting supplied by vendors that is not saved into your analytics account is not useful for later historical analysis and often prevents your brand from doing multi-click attribution analysis.

We then work with your web manager or IT staff to manage the installation of advanced analytics tracking on your site and social media properties. We set up automatically delivered reports that allow you to discover greater insights on "what is working" and where you can focus your marketing dollars.


Implementing our recommendations will allow your brand greater visibility for decision-making and to better focus on micro segments of consumers who are a good investment of your marketing dollars. You will also be able to test changes in design, wording and functions of your site.