Our Software Writer Automization

Imagine offering your best fans an easy way to share their knowledge about how they use your product or service with other consumers.

With our system, your best consumers - who are experts at using your product or service- can share their techniques without needing to be professional writers and without the need for your staff to pass around Microsoft Word documents.

Our system allows you an easy way to invest in content creation, which attracts new potential customers to your website. Consumers get introduced to your brand through authentic, none sales-y content that was originated from consumers like themselves!

How Our System Works

Your brand identifies a group of trustworthy and knowledgeable consumers who are able to use your content system.

These approved consumers log into the system and can choose from a list of available topics. Once they choose a topic, they are guided through a series of questions about the topic they chose. The tool then publishes their "tip" on your site.

Once you approve the writer's content, you send a payment through the US Mail to the writer.

Our system allows you an easy way to invest in content creation, which attracts new potential customers to your website.

Your Brand Approves Topics

Approved writers can only choose from a list of topics your brand approved. This assures writers toward producing content that is aligned with your ROI.

To deploy this platform, topics must first be identified and loaded into the system. The quantity of topics varies by industry. For example, a nutritional supplement brand may choose a list 1,800 exercise and weight training "how-to" topics and exercises. A home improvement brand may choose a list of 300 tips on how to improve or repair items and components of the average home.

As an added a la cart service, we can compile this list of topics, recruit and vet your writers and also provide ongoing management of your writers.

If you wish for us to compile your topics, we identify the most popular topics for your industry. Once topics are loaded, your writers will be able to choose from these vetted topics only. The topics we identify are the most popular searches conducted on Google by consumers in your industry and about your product. After several months of using our system, your site should rank high in Google's search results for your industry and be very useful to consumers!

Justify Using Our Software

Using our software to acquire content that is aligned with topics your consumers are searching for on Google can save your campaign dollars. By choosing topics that match consumer's search queries on Google, you effectively save the cost you normally would have paid in Pay-Per-Click advertising.

Here is an example: An exercise equipment site identifies an exhaustive list of 1,700 topics it wants to acquire.

It pays its authors $10-14 per article to use its system. The average cost per click in Google Adwords for these topics averages 37 cents. Once the company sees 38 visitors enter its site from Google and directly to its carb loading article, it has matches the cost of publishing the article.

(38 visitors valued at 37 cents per visit = $14.)

Each visit to the carb loading article after the first 38 is profitable.

It is important in this analysis to not count visitors who are already on your site or who click from an email newsletter in which the article was included.