Design Services We Manage Designers for You

Minimum cost for having us manage the design of your website is $2500, for up to 22 hours of consulting time.

Here is what we do for you:

We work with you in discovering what features and "look" you want for your site.

We guide you through selection of a design "theme" for your website. Themes are advantageous because they have been thoroughly tested and lack the bugs that website design from scratch can entail.

Once a theme is selected, we install either a) WordPress or b) Drupal content management systems on Google's AppEngine along with the theme you chose.

Hosting your site on Google's powerful infrastructure will allow maximum availability and your customers will enjoy a fast website.

Narrative text and rights to images your site needs are not included in our price. We can set you up with a professional writer, who will interview you via phone and write all the text your site needs. For images, you can use existing images you own or we can guide you through purchasing rights to stock images.

Once all the text and images your site needs are purchased, we guide you through the process of making your website live.

*(A "theme" is an existing visual interface that we purchase for you from a theme marketplace.)