Paid Advertising Microtargeting for Better Results

Many brands have learned they can attract new customers by assuring their website appears at the top of Google search results. Often consumers searching on Google for your product category are ready to buy or are doing research in advance of making a purchase. Pay-per-click advertising is a great way to generate sales from the best customer prospects.

Google and Facebook have make it easy for anyone to get an advertising campaign up and running fast. Very easy.

So, what do you need us for?

Doing the Basics Vs. Heavy Optimizing

There is a big difference between a "beginner" campaign and a campaign that has been power-tweaked. We call this "optimizing."

Many inexperienced PPC managers run simplistic campaigns. They launch a campaign, choose some simple keywords, write one ad, then move on to something else. They only come back when you they are asked for a performance report.

Many ad agencies will put your pricey campaigns in the hands of an intern or low-level employee found on Craigslist. Knowing how to properly generate a high ROI for Pay-Per-Click campaign takes several years of experience. Additionally, some agencies will place many brands into the hands of a single employee. This means, your brand must compete for attention and focus from all the other brands that agency staff person is bogged down with.

Digital campaigns are not as simple as "pushing a button" and "checking the account" every time a report is due. With a simplistic campaign that does not get a lot of optimization, your brand can burn through your budget fast. You may think your campaigns are not worthwhile and that PPC advertising does not work.

Many ad agencies will put your pricey campaigns in the hands of an intern or low-level employee found on Craigslist.

Beginners choose simple keywords that tend to be pricey and not generate sales. A simply keyword might be "flooring," when you may get a better response and pay less by targeting a more specific keyword such as "handcrafted rustic floor."

This is because Pay-Per-Click campaigns can attract tire-kickers. You do not want to pay to show ads to consumers who will never buy from you. You discover who these tire kickers are by optimizing your ad campaigns and measuring your CPA - cost per acquisition. CPA is simply the amount you spent on advertising divided by the quantity of orders you received.

When you work with us, we seek to lower your average CPA and raise the quantity of your orders. More orders for the same marketing dollars! After optimizing, we are able to eliminate tire-kickers - people who come to your site with no intention to buy. We take the money that we were spending on tire-kickers and funnel it into people who we discovered who actually buy from your site.

Next: Learn why "Conversion Optimization" is the other side of online advertising... A PPC manager can get good quality potential customers to your website, but the consumer's experience after clicking your ad is crucial to obtaining the order.